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Factors to Consider Before Buying an Erasable Smart Notebook

If you are someone who works, draws, jots down notes, makes plans, and converts those into digital files, then you need a smart notebook. This was not feasible until a few years earlier. But the introduction of the reusable smart notebook made this possible.

While everyone feels the impact of digitizing, not every one of them is ready to give up writing once for all. However, they also wish to keep everything digitally as they do not want to fall behind. The smart notebooks are great for this purpose. This gives one a unique experience of traditional writing and at the same time enjoys the charm of digitizing.

Coming in a wide array of sizes and shapes the erasable notebook is a new invention that blends the past and the present nicely. You can use them for many things like writing, drawing, doodling, etc. These can be saved on the pages as long as you need them. You can also store them on cloud platforms for future use.

What to Check for Before Your Purchase

Buying a smart notepad is not easy. You must know the different features to choose the right thing. Checking the following will help you do that.

Understand the Purpose of the Erasable Notebook

The purpose of buying a reusable notepad is to enjoy writing with the ability to connect to clouds. So, the first thing to check about a notebook is whether it entails a classic writing experience. The pages must also ensure anti-glare and easily readable.

Find the Size that Suits Your Needs Best

These smart notebooks are generally available in three sizes: letter size, executive size, and mini size. They contain 32, 36, and 48 pages. The letter size measures about 8.5 x 11 inches, the executive 6 x 8.8 inches, and the mini size 3.5 x 5.5 inches. So, pick one that suits you best.

Consider the Cloud-Connectivity of the Smart Notebook

Synchronization with the app and compatibility with the various cloud platforms is another point of concern. Usually, a reusable smart notebook can connect favorite cloud systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, email, etc. You must be sure that the notebook can connect to your favorite cloud destination.

Layout of the Pages and Usage Life of the Notepad

Also, check if the pages contain dotted grid patterns. This is vital as it helps provide a guide for both words and images. They help to write, sketch, create flow sheets, include mathematical calculations, etc. Do not be swept away by terms like endlessly usable or terms like that. Every notebook has a life. Be sure if it works like a whiteboard and can be erasable. Otherwise, have a fair idea of how many times the notebook can be erased and reused.

Pen Used for the Reusable Notebook

The pen is another important factor. Most erasable notebooks are compatible with pens and markers of the Pilot Frixion line. When you write with them, only about 15 seconds are needed to dry up without any smudging. The pages should be erasable with a moist cloth.

Summing up

Finally, check if the product comes with a warranty. Now that you know every detail of a reusable notepad, you can get the best one that suits you and your lifestyle. In case you are still undecided, a recognized market leader in the field is Rocketbook and they offer many different sizes and types of smart notebooks. Find them online via registered Kickstarter product stores.

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