clean and wide bathroom design with shower

Designing Beautiful Bathrooms

clean and wide bathroom design with shower

The Best Bathroom Designs Are Really Impressive

Bathrooms are meant to be designed beautifully because we all spent a considerable amount of time in there. Be it bathtubs, vanity, or toilet designs, all have to be in line with one another so the entire look of the bathroom could be revamped. 

Some beautiful bathroom designs are really impressive and make your bathroom a point of focus for the house. 

Making Bathroom A Restroom:

If you like to spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, you have to have good-looking and relaxing tiles in the bathroom. You can keep the tub in one corner and enjoy sitting on the tiles. For some days, it’s also wonderful to create a bubble bath path on the files towards the bubble bath. What a feeling it would be; colourful tiles with painted walls and a bubble bath. It is going to be serene, grandeur, and beautiful.

You can also get a chance to bathe on a pebble floor. With this exquisite idea of the bathtub on a bed of pebble, you can enjoy a natural waterfall site guarded with some astonishing stones. Similarly, you can also make a wall of stones on one side and the tiles on the other side. How about having vanity on pebbles? This way, too, the site would look simply amazing.

Having Some Wooden Adventure In The Bathroom: 

If you like to have a wooden structure in your bathroom, you can have a wooden rack or base and vanity or washbasin on them. Trust me, the combination of wood with white vanity would make your bathroom look lovely, neat, and clean. Similarly, you can have the suspended frame, or ceiling mounted on the wall across the window panel. 

If you have a good place, you can keep an extra place for a bath shower. Keep the bathtub aside one corner and in the extra space, have a bath shower. Between the two places, you can have wonderful tiles or wallpapers probably in white or grey colour, in line with the bathroom’s overall look.

Yet, there is an idea of having a separate cabin for a toilet on one side and then a massive bathtub on the other side/corner. This way, you can keep the vanity in between the two. The beautiful rugs or carpets on the floor in front of the vanity make the place look wonderful. 

How About A Terrace Bathroom?

The concept of a terrace bathroom is also unique. Enjoying sunlight while taking a shower is simply no match to anything else. Having the plant, mainly money plant, inside the bathroom gives the feel of sitting in a natural scenery surrounded by the plants and serenity. The addition of plants in the bathroom makes the entire place look green and clean.


The bathroom ideas are numerous. Almost all depends upon the availability of the space, colour combination, use of taps and fittings, and the overall ambience of the bathroom. The selection of the bathtub also depends upon the overall size of the bathroom and in what position you intend to keep the tub inside.

In the end, it is all about the budget in hand and how to decide to renovate or make a new bathroom design.

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