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Logos, Flags, and Escutcheons

“It reminds me of the Georgia chain gang,” quipped the IBM executive, when he first eyed the striped logo. When the Westinghouse insignia (1960) was first seen, it was greeted similarly with such gibes as “this looks like a pawnbroker’s sign.” How many exemplary works have gone down the drain, because of such pedestrian fault-finding? […]

Quick Color Correction

Here is a 2-minute color correction technique I picked up from one of Scott Kelby’s books. It’s fairly simple, and it ranks as beginner-advanced. Here is the basic image before color correction. You can save this image and follow along if you want. STEP ONE In your layer palette, click the adjustment layer icon, and […]

Vector and Raster Halftone Patterns

Okay, ladies and gents, here it is, halftone effects done originally in Photoshop, but can be converted to illy for vector work. I do not take credit for this one however, my boss showed me this nifty little trick. Step 1. Create a document in photoshop in RGB mode. I just typed out my name to […]

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